MINTER: There’s more to a nice lawn than keeping it clipped

A beautiful lawn can make all the difference to the appearance of your home and is a great enhancement to your landscaping.



Keeping your lawn in prime condition, however, does take a little effort and a bit of experience.



From all the questions I have been asked over the past few weeks, it is clear there is some confusion over the various lawn care steps that need to be taken each year.



The first step is moss control. Moss thrives in areas of shade, acidic soil, poor drainage and low fertility. You can’t usually do much about the shade but lime, while not eliminating the moss, will correct acidic soil by raising the pH level and allowing grasses to pick up more existing nutrients in the soil.



The easy-to-apply ‘Dolopril’ lime contains magnesium and releases quickly to get the pH level up in wet spring weather. A 10 kg bag covers about 2000 square feet (200 square metres) for twice the coverage of older Dolomite limes.


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