6 tips to reduce stress when renovating

Could creating a beautiful bathroom or the kitchen of your dreams wreak havoc on your life? In one word, yes. High expectations, ballooning budgets, things that go creak (and crash and boom) in the night, a phalanx of strangers coming and going and limited access to those amenities you’ve grown accustomed to – like running water and working appliances – can get to anyone. While you can’t escape the anxieties tied to a major bathroom or kitchen reno, you can definitely lay the foundation for a less stressful one.

1 Be realistic
A tiny north-facing bungalow bathroom is unlikely to ever become a sun-drenched, loft-style retreat (except in your dreams). Work with what you have – flip through books and magazines for attractive similarly sized bathrooms. Your bath may have the potential to become a cozy Moroccan-inspired cocoon.

2 Come up with a project budget
Then add another 10 percent for unplanned expenses. Go to kitchen and bath showrooms and see what your renovation budget can buy. Labour and materials add up fast, as do miscalculations both big (“Why did we think our old appliances would match our new kitchen?”) and small (“Did I say matte finish for the paint? I meant gloss!”).


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