Good advice for bad neighbours

There’s always a fear that a property you’ve listed for sale is going to be viewed at a lower value because of surrounding properties and their condition, or because of bad neighbours.

When listing a house for sale, it is important to assess the neighbourhood.  Note any potential negatives such as nearby entertainment venues, bars, railway lines and noisy neighbours along the block. Take a look at how the other homeowners keep their yards – is it in line with the look you would like to see in the property you are selling?

“Generally we try and take the path of least resistance” with sellers’ neighbours, says Adam Bendig of Re/Max Connex Realty in Rockwood, Ont. “It’s nice to knock on the door and say hi, or if there is bad blood (with the seller), try to remedy it prior to selling the house. The past issues may be minor but people hold grudges longer than they need to.”


Don’t forget to leave business cards and make sure that everyone you meet has a way to get in contact with you if they have any problems.  Talk with the seller and make a list of any difficulties they ever had with neighbours, paying attention to what and how things are said. You want to clearly understand what the issues are and how serious or minor they may be. Assume nothing and always clarify.


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