Shoreline Trail

Located along the shores of Burrard Inlet, Rocky Point Park in Port Moody is one of the most scenic parks in the lower mainland. The Shoreline Trail is an easy walking route that wraps around the eastern most section of Burrard Inlet, starting from the pier at Rocky Point Park and ending at Old Orchard Park.


From the parking lot, walk out onto the pier next to the boat launch and enjoy the surrounding view. On a sunny weekend day, the water can be quite busy with motorboats, kayakers, and dragon-boaters. After enjoying the view walk back to the start of the pier and go left along the trail that follows the shoreline and passes through the grassy park area to the right. After walking over the second bridge, the gravel trail begins as you begin to leave the sound of kids playing at the water park. 


Walk onto the gravel trail on the left side as this trail will stay close to the shore and is not meant for cyclists. The trail passes through a nice forested area, offering glimpses of the inlet to the left, before descending down a set of long wooden steps and opening to a clearing. This is where the narrow wooden boardwalks are located as you make your way across while taking in the view towards the inlet.


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