Step Right Outside for Fresh Herbs and Vegetables

Growing food doesn’t necessarily require a big backyard. Even if you live in a high-rise apartment, homegrown vegetables and herbs can be yours. In many cases, a patio or deck can even offer big advantages. You can grow tomatoes, potatoes and even cucumbers in large containers on a sunny patio, and nothing beats the convenience of stepping outside to snip a few herbs for dinner. Although container-grown crops may sometimes have lower yields than those grown in raised beds, they can still be quite productive. In fact, there is almost nothing you can’t grow on a patio or deck, from apples to zucchini. 

Why Grow Edibles on Your Patio or Deck

  • More light. Do you live in a cloudy region like the Pacific Northwest, where light is at a premium? Growing in an elevated space, where sun is easier to come by than at ground level, can be a great approach.
  • Fewer pests. Pests like slugs, snails and even rats and squirrels are less likely to find your garden if it’s on a deck, especially if you’re in a high-rise.
  • Fewer weeds. By growing in a potting medium that’s free of weed seeds, you’ll likely experience fewer weeds than backyard gardeners. Just don’t be surprised if a few weeds make it to your garden on the wind.

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